Dad Sweeps The Board

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Hello Everyone. So last night was our usual Wednesday ritual of fatclub with the family commonly known as Fatclubies! Dad lost another 2lbs this week giving him his 10% target weight (woooooooo I hear you all say), Dad gets a free week for hitting that target (lucky old Dad).

The Long Awaited Story Of The Ducks…

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Ok here it is before I get any more hate mail and death threats; the true story of the ducks. Last Sunday the Queen decided she needed some Royal exercise and so told Servant Dave to be ready with the Royal BMW to take her to the gym. Upon arrival at the gym the Queen and Servant Dave spent an enjoyable hour or so splashing about in the water and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Fanfare For The Common Man

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Back in 1977; when I was a mere 16 years old. I was sitting at home and on the Old Grey Whistle Test came a film of Emerson Lake & Palmers’ Fanfare for the Common Man, which was a hit for them that year. The film was of the trio playing in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal in freezing weather with the ground all covered in snow. I also remember how cool Keith Emmerson looked in a brown leather bomber jacket and wanted one. Granny would not listen though and I couldn’t have one!