Eduardo The Spanish Bear

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The MEFFS determination to save unwanted Renault Bears has now reached International proportions as we now have an addition all the way from Spain. Unwanted by his Spanish owners we have stepped in to give Eduardo a new home with the ever growing colony of Renault Bears living with us. He is currently learning English from all the other Bears as he settles in to his new home.

A Person Called Chimpton

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We have had people asking recently how we came to have a Chimpton in our lives, so I thought perhaps it was time to tell the story of how we found her. Queen Ananasty and I, first met Chimpton on a railway platform, to be precise, it was on Lime Street Station. I was there to meet Ananasty, who was coming home from one of her overseas Royal visits. It was a warm summer day and the station was crowded with people on their way to the seaside. Trains were whistling, taxis hooting, bells ringing, porters rushing about shouting at one another, and altogether there was so much noise that when I first saw the Chimpton, I had to stop and take a second look.

My Story From The Ikea Couch

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‘Big Dave’ guards his food, as always.

The other day, Dad told you the story of The Girl On The Blue Ikea Couch and so I think it only fair if I tell you my side of the story. I had sent my CV into a few companies and wasn’t expecting anything back when out of the blue I got a phone call asking if I could go for an interview. I was toying with the idea of going back to university or work and had an interview the following day for a BA in Mental Health Nursing. I thought what the hell, I’ll go see this training company and see what they say. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for!