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Our friend Kate has now joined the crusade to save the endangered Renault Bear and has rescued poor little Eirwen from a life of neglect in Wales. She arrived today in a brown paper parcel, as they all do, and we quickly realised she had hurt herself in transit. Kate quickly ran for the Teddy First Aid Box and we gave Eirwen the medical attention she required…in the form of one plaster on his injured shoulder.

Happy Birthday Blog

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Today is a big day in the annuls of the MEFFS blog. Today is the First Anniversary of The Queen and I starting off this blog one boring Sunday afternoon when we couldn’t think of anything better to do. Little did we think back then of all the fun that was to follow. The Queen, of course, says today is not the Anniversary that we started this off on the 12th June 2006, well go and have a look here Little Queenie. I guess it would not be a Royal Event without our Queen arguing with everyone!!