Bear’s Open Day #7

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Tonight, because I can’t think of anything else to post, I thought we would have another open night. Just chat away and say whatever you want in the comments section. Make it funny or random. Tell us what you have been doing today or just the first thing that pops into your head. Just make it funny or interesting.

Teddy Rescue Mission

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With thinning fur, missing stitches and only one eye, Orange Ted has clearly been through some tough times in his 50 years. But separated from his young and devoted owner, the threadbare Bear faced his greatest escapade yet. After a family holiday on the Costa Brava, Orange Ted was mislaid at Girona airport. Seven-year-old Jaimee Armstrong was distraught and unable to sleep without her trusty friend.

Bearkeeper Andreaa

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We have been concerned for some time now about the safety of the Bears. As their fame grows, will they be safe from harm? Would a crazed fan stalk or even hurt one of the Bears? Instead of spending a fortune on security cameras and lighting, not to mention perimeter fencing or even armed guards for the Bears, could we find a more cost effective way of making sure they were safe?