The Kermode Bear

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This isn’t a picture of a Polar Bear that has wandered a little too far south, although this is nearly as rare a sight. The Bears in the photograph above are Kermode Bears who were once thought to be an American myth. This once-in-a-lifetime picture proves otherwise. It shows a mother and her two cubs, whose coats are yet to change colour, in the wilderness along the British Columbia coast in Canada. The Kermode Bear is now recognised as a white off-shoot of the Black Bear and is regarded by wildlife photographers as near-impossible to catch on film.

HTTP Error 500 – Internal Server Error

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Apologies to anyone who attempted to visit the blog earlier tonight when our hosting company apparently had a few problems. When trying to visit you will have been met with an error message concerning an Internal Server Error. This affected the blog for about an hour before normal service was resumed.

Bear Porn

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Razzi has been caught out again. Downloading Bear Porn from the Internet even though he has been told off many times for doing it. He is obsessed with Bears taking there Fur off. We have all tried to talk him out of this but he just continues to do it despite the fact that no one likes the idea. Some of the other Bears are blaming Linzi for leading him astray!!

Fat Club Thursday #11

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Thursday is here yet again and that means only one thing – Fat Club. David went along to the late class again which is where he feels more at home amongst the alcoholics and non-stop eaters. Some of the stories you hear in this group tend to be of the extreme! One lady, who must weigh more than 30 stone, has lost about half a pound in six weeks while another drinks that much alcohol it is a wonder she has the time to eat!

Escape’s First Night

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Escape has asked me to thank everyone for all the messages he got yesterday wishing him well. He knows he is a lucky Bear to be safe and sound after his little adventure with the Post Office. He is settling in nicely although last night he nearly ate us out of house and home and had poor Amie run off her feet making extra rounds of The Bears favourite food; Jammy Toast. Once he had his little stomach full he set about the task of getting to know everyone and finding out what all the other Bears get up to. He was a little confused when Efron told him how much they liked watching DVDs because he had never seen a film before.

No Internet!

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What a day yesterday proved to be! Virgin Media, the providers of The Bear’s Internet decided to spend the day “maintaining” our Broadband connection and so we had no Internet… ALL DAY! The Bears were going mental. Pacing up and down and checking to see if it was back on every thirty seconds. It was like a car ride with the kids; “Are we there yet?” Even Edward, who is normally the sensible one, was climbing the walls because he had a chess match lined up online and he couldn’t take part.