Happy End Of Year

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As another year comes to an end we would just like to thank everyone who contributes to The Bear Blog. Without you lot out there, it would get very lonely around here. We hope everyone has had a great year and enjoyed the festive season to its fullest. We also hope that Santa was kind to everyone who had behaved himself or herself over the past year. Remember, if you did not get what you asked for this means you were a naughty boy or girl and you will have to mend your ways for next year.

Latest Christmas Bear News

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Well The Bears had a great Christmas and their only negative thought is why it cannot be Christmas every day. Razzi did have a little misadventure with the Christmas tree when he knocked it over but unfortunately, no one had the video camera ready to try to get £250 out of Harry Hill. The highlight of Christmas day had to be The Royal Family. The Bears were a little upset that Jim did not say “My Arse!” which is their favourite Jim saying,  but he more than made up for it with his latest catchphrase… NO CHIP PAN!?!?!?

Merry Christmas

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All The Bears and myself would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and we hope you get everything you have asked Father Christmas for. Everyone here at The Birkenhead Bear Sanctuary never feels like it is Christmas until we have watched The Snowman. Every year we sit in front of the telly for half an hour and watch the animated version of the Raymond Briggs book. So far this year we have not seen it so we thought we would bring it to you. This is our favourite scene where the boy flies with his Snowman while Peter Auty sings the theme song.

Snowman Competition

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Excuse the early hour but we would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas Eve and seeing as we are waking up to snow this morning, we thought we would organise a little Festive Fun. Get out in the snow and build a Snowman, take a picture of it and email it to us at the usual address in the sidebar. We will publish the best ones later today. You have until 6pm to get the pictures to us.