Eddie And Tia Chat

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Tonight I have two visitors staying at che Chimpton, yep the Queen and Tia are my guests tonight. Now usually Eddie runs for the hills when Tia arrives as she has this habbit of licking him to death — not today. Today the pair of them sat on my bed having a right old gab to one another. So I thought I would pop along and show you how cute they look together, don’t you think? Who would of thought it hey, a dog and a bear chatting, what next a monkey and Chimpton sort out their nits hahaha.

Eddie Revisits Cuba

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Hello everyone, Eddie Bear here. I thought because Davidd mentioned it yesterday, I would pop along today and tell all my Bear friends about my Christmas adventures in Cuba. I have many opportunities as a Bear to travel the world, so this Christmas I decided to take Chimpton to Cuba again. We went to Cuba a couple of years ago and had such a wonderful time we thought we would return. After all, England is far too cold for a delicate Bear such as me, so we jetted off for sunnier climes.

Bear News #24

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Some of you may have noticed we have had a little bit of a tidy up around the blog. We had fallen behind slightly with updates on our Mystique theme and so last night we upgraded it to the very latest version. There are some fun new gadgets included in the latest theme and some bugs have been ironed out by Milenko over at digitalnature.

Friends Day #1

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Jessikah & Rafeeki… just dont look down your back!

AFriends Day is when we hand over control of the blog to you, our subscribers. Any Registered Friend of the Bears is eligible and all you have to do is send us an article or photograph of anything you think will be entertaining to all our other Friends. Today we hand control over to…

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

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Okay, so Chimpton has had her 15 minutes of fame so now it is my turn. Working on the premise of “if you can’t beat them, join them”, I have decided to have my 15 minutes of fame. Chimpton may well have developed a “D” cup but I have noticed recently that my own 12 inches is not looking its best at the moment. I think it is suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder with all the cold weather we have been having. It is looking a little sad and pathetic in fact.

Edward Wins Out In The End

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Most of the Bears and Edward in particular, do not like to lose an argument. Those of you who have been following The Bear Blog for some time may remember that its web address used to be http://renaultbears.com until we had a row with our former hosting company (Weycrest) and cancelled our agreement with them. Once we did that, and moved to our current hosts (Just Host), they refused to transfer over our domain name and we had to start using http://savetherenaultbears.com. We have missed our old domain name and have felt a great deal of resentment towards Weycrest for not releasing it when we requested.