Ken Dodd Dies

Posted by Lord Bearkeeper OBE DASc on
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Doddy, pictured with his great friend, Dicky Mint.

Everyone here at Jammy Toast was devastated last night to hear the news that Sir Ken Dodd had died. Although he had been unwell for a little while, it just seemed like he was indestructible and we kind of thought he would go on forever. I personally met the great man in Liverpool in the 1970s when he called into my Grandmother’s shop and he gave me his autograph which incorporated a Diddy Man. He was a lovely man and although deeply private never seemed to tire of public recognition and still lived in the house where he was born, he’d never lived anywhere else. It was quite fitting that his death was announced at around 1:15am as this was the kind of time he live shows would finish. What a great man. A true legend!