The Angry Andreaa Show #15

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Okk Soo Diss Week I Thoughtt I Wudd Tell Yaas A Little Storry Aboutt Mee && Mee Mummyy Whichh Onlyy Justt Happennd Diss Week .. Mee Mate’s Broo Hadd Madee Summ Spacee Cakess && Shee Askkd Mee Iff I Wanttd Anyy Soo Obvvs I Saidd Yea .. Shee Givee Mee Twoo Butt Saidd Bee Carefull Coss Daa Tool Hass Putt Loadss Inn Itt .. I Finkk Hee Normally Putts A Tenners Worff Inn Emm Butt Diss Tymm Hee Hdd Putt A Quarter Inn Emm Soo Dee Wozz Deadd Strongg .. I Wozz Inn Workk Forr A Feww Dayss Soo I Fawtt I Wouldd Waitt Untill I Wozz Off Workk Forr A Bitt Cozz Mee && Lorahh Ustaa Bee Badd Stonners Butt Havv Nott Hadd Anyy Forr Yonkss ..