Andreaa’s Funnies #24

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Hello, its 12 O’clock and time for some funnies. Andreaa is still away on another holiday in Turkey so it is left to me to cover her backside again. Last time she went away she gave me a couple of posts for me to post in her absence. No such luck this time. To be fair though, she doesn’t half work some hours for that shop of hers so maybe we can let her off this time. Unfortunately, it means you will have to put up with me again for this week but she should be back next week.

So a bit more Paul Smith this week telling us the story of a fake taxi driver over in Liverpool. This guy sells drugs all week but pretends to be a taxi at the weekends to help make ends meet. Apologies if you are not a linguist because he does speak with quite a broad Scouse accent and when he speaks quickly he can be difficult to understand – for non-Scousers anyway. So enjoy the story of his favourite cabbie.

So as Andrea would say; “Press da play thingy at da top && ya can listen to this week’s funny.”


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