Another Bear Arrives

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The latest Bear to join us here at the Birkenhead Bear Sanctuary arrived today and not exactly in the best of moods. The postman delivered the parcel which was only about six inches long so we didn’t have a clue what it could be as all our Bears are about twelve inches tall. After scratching our heads for a few minutes in wonder, we finally opened the parcel and there was our new Bear – folded in half!

To say he was unhappy at his own predicament is an understatement. He climbed out of the parcel fuming mad and demanding to know why he had been treated in this way. We explained that it wasn’t our fault and we were trying to save him and he did come around a little. He had little Bear aches and pains all over so we asked Aleksandr if we could pop round to Meerkat Mansion and borrow his Jacuzzi. Once Aleks agreed we got the new Bear into the Jacuzzi to ease away all his aches and pains. He did enjoy it in there except for some of Sergei’s fur-balls floated to the surface at one point.

So new Bear’s mood is slowly improving now he knows it was not our fault. Once he feels fully recovered we shall send him round with Razzi to have words with the guy who packed him and sent him to us. He will regret the day he ever messed with one of Razzi’s new friends!

If everyone can dust off their thinking caps once more, we need a name for our new Bear just to make him feel fully at home. Please don’t email us, instead leave your suggestions in the comments section and that way we can read through them all together and new Bear can decide upon his favourite.

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