The Story Of The Dominican Republic

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The other day my Dad told you the story of our holiday to Portugal, so I thought I would tell you the story of our holiday to the Dominican Republic – or at least, part of it. The particular day in question my Dad had gone out on an excursion on a yacht and, as I don’t do travelling on water too well, I had stayed behind on a very hot day sipping drinks around the pool. Now before long the heat was beginning to get the better of me and, although I don’t like cold water, I just had to have a little dip in the swimming pool. Who could blame me, the weather was absolutely baking!

Eddie Has A Little Health Scare

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This week Eddie and I visited our local Health Clinic for a Well-Bear Check-Up. Eddie hasn’t been feeling himself over the past few weeks and we both thought a MOT was in order. So we took ourselves off to see a professional Bear Medic. We had a little chat with the nurse on the way in and she took down his vitals; weight, height and blood pressure. These were all fine. The nurse then started to ask a few rather probing questions, Eddie found these a little embarrassing and they were not to his liking. He gave the nurse a very hard stare at one point but she explained that asking such questions about his bowel movements were essential to try and ensure he was fit and well.

Miss Chimpton Replies

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Today, I would like to set the record straight concerning yesterday’s post concerning my accusations of neglect of the bears by the Bearkeeper and the Jammy Toast logo being “bling”. I shall address the issues which have been raised, not by me but, by exaggeration and the over active imagination of Mr Bearkeeper. In other words, he is just trying to stir up trouble for his own satisfaction and to cause a war of words here on the Bear Blog.