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The Bears were very upset today to learn that artist and children’s TV presenter Tony Hart had died yesterday after suffering from health problems for some time. Tony was best known for his work with the BBC as a television artist in a variety of programmes including ‘Vision On’, ‘Smart Hart’ and ‘Hartbeat’.

Tony Hart’s television career spanned some 50 years in total. He is known throughout the world and his programmes have been dubbed into many languages. He was involved with a number of charity auction events each year and made regular guest appearances on TV and Radio. In 1984 his BBC programme, “Take Hart”, won a BAFTA (A British Oscar).


Morph and Friend

He was also known for his groundbreaking work with the animated clay character, Morph.

Wilf Lunn, who starred in Vision On said: “His legacy was the fact he really started all these children’s programmes, Art Attack and all that, and he was the guy, right at the beginning. And he was the guy who had all these little tricks that teachers used to use because they make things look easy, and we got people into doing it. And he was such a nice man.”

What The Bears loved most about Tony Hart were those quiet moments during which he inspired so many of us. He made us feel we could just take a few felt tip pens or crayons, even a Biro, and create something – all on our own.

Tony Hart will be sadly missed and all the Bears agree he should become a Bear Hero!

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