Bear Heroes #4

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The Bears couldn’t believe it yesterday when they discovered dancing street sweeper Ziggy Dust (also known in London as Billy Clean) and spent last night trying to find out more about him. Unfortunately they have discovered a shocking truth. Ziggy has left Britain fearing for his life, saying he was beaten up by racist thugs.

Ziggy Dust, from Poland, told friends he was leaving because National Front members had attacked and threatened to kill him in the streets of Chiswich, West London. So after three years in Britain, Ziggy (his real name is Zbigniew Colbecki) is now back in Poland. Writing on a web forum, he said: “I’m outside of England now because someone wanted to kill me. I feel very sad. Not everyone was happy. Someone hated me very much and my dancing. I miss Chiswick. I left England without choice.”

Ziggy, a former circus juggler had also been working as a DJ in a Chiswick bar owned by Sam Harrison. Mr Harrison said: “Ziggy came to see me and collected his equipment. He had decided to leave for Poland. He told me that he had been attacked and threatened by a faction of the National Front and felt unsafe. He said that he did not think the police could help him. Somebody had scared him. I could see the fear in his eyes.”

From all The Bears have read about Ziggy it seems extraordinary how famous a simple street cleaner had became around the streets of Chiswick. From what people have said, it didn’t change him and he was always happy to show off his moves to passers by.

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