Bear Heroes #6

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Some of The Bears were chatting last night about what a hero Henry Allingham was when suddenly a shocking truth dawned on us all. When we transferred our blog over from Blogger a few months ago now, we forgot to include the Bear Heroes!

For those of you that don’t remember it, or new-comers to our blog, the Bear Heroes were people who The Bears considered should be recognised for doing something special. People who warranted the title of Hero To The Bears. They included people like Johnny Morris OBE for all the enjoyment he brought to children over many decades while teaching them about animals and wildlife. Tim Berners-Lee the man who invented the Internet, Jeremy Kyle the King of daytime television who The Bears watch so avidly. Tony Hart the artist who instilled a love of art in so many children and adults from his television shows over so many years. And finally not forgetting Ziggy Dust, the street cleaner who entertained the people of London with his dance routines. Just how we could have forgotten to include this feature on our new blog we do not know!

We have had a chat with Edward and he is currently about to start work bringing back the Bear Heroes and after voting on it today we have all decided that Henry Allingham should become a distingused Hero Of The Bears.

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