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There is nothing more we love here at Jammy Toast than listening to some of our favourite tunes. From time to time we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to you; our friends. We often feature music that you may not have come across before, or music that maybe you just missed the first time around. Try and listen with an open mind, you never know, you may find something you can add to your iPod. If you have any music videos you would like us to feature then drop us a line – we are always happy to listen to requests but we cannot promise to feature everyone’s favourite…

It is usually when someone has been dead for a couple of years that the realisation sets in that you are not going to hear any new material from them again. This is the case – albeit a little quicker – with George Michael. Luckily we have a whole feast of quality material to listen to in his back catalogue. Such are the songs from his album Older, his third solo studio album released in Europe on 13th May 1996 through Virgin Records. It was his first album since 1990’s Listen Without Prejudice – the five-and-a-half-year gap was due to the legal battle that Michael experienced with his record company. Michael dedicated three years to the recording of Older, and the album found him exploring new musical territories in a more serious fashion compared to his previous work.

At the time of release, the album was a huge commercial hit, particularly in Europe, but was received in America with lukewarm critical approval. In the UK, the album was particularly notable for producing six top three hit singles in a two-year span, creating a record still unsurpassed.

To date, Older has sold around 8 million copies worldwide.

The song “Older” was released as a single in 1997. It was also released as an EP under the name The Older EP. The single’s B-side was a cover of Bonnie Raitt’s single “I Can’t Make You Love Me” another of our George Michael favourites. The single peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart…

George Michael – Older

George Michael – Older

Don’t forget, if you have any music videos you would like us to feature in the future, drop us a line. We are always happy to listen to requests from others, we cannot promise to feature any but we will try our best to find the videos if we think others will enjoy.

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