Jammy Toast began one Christmas back in 2006 when the Bearkeeper was planning a holiday to Egypt. Bearkeeper and his daughter, The Chimpton, were all packed and ready to go when a friend of theirs, Mr Tony ‘Yummy’ Banks, told them that his teddy bear had never been on holiday. In his whole life, so he said, his bear had never ventured far from his home in Liverpool. After explaining to the disbelieving sceptics that his bear was his best friend, he asked if they would take his bear with them as a special treat for his bear because he had been very well behaved that year and deserved a treat.

However, The Bearkeeper and The Chimpton were not so sure about this idea because they were planning on having a nice, quiet holiday soaking up the rays and didn’t like the idea of having the responsibility of looking after a troublesome bear. They didn’t know too much about bears in those days but they feared it would be a great deal of work and it would not be conducive to having a nice, relaxing holiday break.

However, they did agree to meet the bear and discuss the matter and so they we were introduced to Eddie.

Straight away they knew that Eddie would not be any trouble. He was a very polite bear who would do anything for anyone. The Bearkeeper and The Chimpton both agreed that Eddie could accompany them on holiday and this seemed to please Tony. Eddie was beside himself at the thought of going on holiday.

Not everything was plain sailing however, and there were one or two problems to overcome. Firstly, Eddie did not have a passport and the aeroplane they were travelling on was fully booked. This meant there would be no seat for Eddie. After some persuasive talking, they eventually persuaded the airline that Eddie would be quite safe sitting on The Chimpton’s knee and the passport office, although stating it was most unusual, agreed to fast-track Eddie’s special bear passport application.

Eventually, the three of them set off on holiday and had a whale of a time. Eddie loved the Breakfast at the airport although this did draw a few curious looks from passers-by. People were obviously not used to the sight of a Renault Bear having a full-English breakfast at the airport because, we assume, they must have been expecting him to be eating his Jammy Toast.

We will have to publish the story of Eddie’s stay in Egypt on the blog but save to say, he made lots of friends with the other holiday makers and the staff at the hotel – his favourite waiter was Hamed – but the ‘real’ problems started when we got back to England.

You see, in Egypt, Eddie had spent most of the holiday with The Chimpton and the two of them had become inseparable. When they landed at the airport and the bombshell was dropped that Eddie would have to be returned to Tony she was not very happy. The Chimpton put on her infamous sad-face and said; “Dad, do you think if we asked him nicely that Tony would let me keep Eddie because I have become very attached to him?”

They knew Tony would be upset at the loss of his old friend, so to cushion the blow The Bearkeeper found another Renault Bear to give to Tony. The only problem with this was that Eddie had never met another Renault Bear before and the two of them became devoted to one another. Again and again, The father and daughter team found a replacement Bear and every time they did then someone became attached to the newcomer.

To cut a long story short, to this very day, over nine years later, Tony has never had his bear back and Eddie spends his days living with The Chimpton.

Tony remains a very good friend of Jammy Toast and every time Eddie is mentioned he always says that they are happier with The Chimpton and that they would not like living with him because he works long hours and these days often works through the night. If he had a bear, he says, it would just get lonely sitting in his flat on its own all the time, so everything is for the best. Tony says this because he is such a nice guy and he knows that anytime he is back at home in Liverpool he has to come and visit us all at Jammy Toast and see the whole menagerie he helped to start.

Thanks Tony, it would have been a boring few years if it had not been for you!