Tin Openers At The Ready

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Hello everyone, So my dad as you can see is rather a large man, ok its fair to say hes MASSIVE (I will get whacked for saying that but I’m not telling porkies now am I!). Now as a royal family we went to Florida for Christmas and New Year spending a joyous time in Universal Studios for New Years Eve. No he wouldn’t go on the rides HE GETS SCARED, I as royalty had to go on the hulk ALONE.

The Story Of Mick #1

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Once upon a time in a kindom far, far away when Princess Chimpton and Servant Dave worked together for a lowly training company there was a man by the name of Mick. Now Mick was a jovial chap, a happy-go-lucky kind of guy without a care in the world and he also worked with the Royal Princess and her Dad.

Did He Say Babe Magnet?

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Hello everyone, Yes as you can see my dad never takes notice of anyone, you say Dad a LITTLE suncream and no he puts the whole tube on, or none at all you can’t win with him I’m afraid hes beyond help. I also think hes very much in denial a BABE magnet, jebus dad please, however I do remember one babe coming upto you at the beach but that wasn’t in Miami.