Liverpool Nuttas

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Lastt Munff I told Yass Abwt Purple Ackky And Soo Davidd Saiid I hadd To Askk Me Dadd Abwt Daa Ova Nuttas Wot Live Inn Liverpool .. Soo Whenn ii Wentt To Hiss ii Askdd Hmm Ndd Hee Wozz Lykk ” Shuttupp Andreaa ,, Amm Puree Watchinn Daa Footii ” .. A Saidd iff Yaa Dntt Talkk Too Mee Amm Gwin .. Mahh Dadss Puree Inn aa Moodd Coz Hes Jus Got Daa Internett Buu Daa Dogs Bit Threw The Wiree .. Hahaa !! Soo Der Gettin It Sorted Hee Saidd .. Soo ii Askkd Himm Abwt Daa Nuttass Ndd Diss Iss Wott Hee SAid ..

Purple Aki

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Davidd Askked Mee too Writee Yaas Diss Storyy Abwtt Purple Aki Coss Wee Wozz Puree Chattin Abwt itt Last Nite nnd Hee Said Yaas All Wantt Mee Too Wrytt 4 Yaa .. Davidd Wrote aa Storii Abbt Hmm B4 Onn Daa Blogg Btt Davidd Askked Mee 2 Wrytt Diss 1 .. Davidd Spells Hiss Namee Diffrntt 2 btt Amm Ffykk Soo I Calll Hmm Akii Nott Acky .. Anywyys ,, Purple Aki Woss Diss Big Blackk Mann Whoo Terrored Liverpool Ndd Daa Woolies Fromm Birkenheadd ,, Southport Ndd Stt Hellens .. Hee Wozz Like Daa Bogey Mann .. Hiss Reall Namme Iss Ackinnabob or Sumthinn andd Hee Workked Ass A Cleanner Inn Daa Tunnels .. Hee Livedd Inn Diss Blockk Off Flatss Onn Daa Ralla Estatee Inn Tockyy Andd All Daa Kidss Usedd To Terror Daa PLacee Buu Dee USed Too Fukkin Runn Homme When Akii Cumm OWtt Soo Dee Wassnt all Daa HArdd ..

Jammy Toast Welcomes Andreaa

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A typical street in Kirkby, Liverpool. 1965.

Well now we have the big day out of the way, I thought I would come and share some news with you, dear reader. Starting in the New Year we will have a new contributor to Jammy Toast who will be posting stories about life, love and the eternal pursuit of happiness. The new contributor will be a young lady by the name of Andreaa. Now Andreaa is a little special around here because she was our very first friend back in the days when Ananasty and I first started blogging. The year was Anno Domini 2006 when we took our first faltering steps onto Blogger and Andreaa found us… and basically started bullying us. I mean, she was thirteen-years-old when all said and done. If you are asking yourself how a thirteen year old schoolgirl could possibly bully a fully grown man, then you have obviously never come across Andreaa.