Davidd’s Doodles #2

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As most of you will be aware, the other week we closed down Jammy Toast to enable us to restore and edit old posts so that all the Classic Toast posts were here on Jammy Toast. While we were going through all the old posts I discovered one called Davidd’s Doodles #1. It was from way back in 2011 but I had no memory of ever posting it or why I called it Davidd’s Doodles – although I can imagine it was so I could just waffle away about anything I choose. But I never posted another one and seeing as everyone else around here has a column, then I don’t see why I shouldn’t doodle away too.

Alan Turing: A Personal View

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Yesterday marked 60 years since Hero of The Bears; Alan Turing, killed himself. During his lifetime he was almost unknown in public circles and yet today he is famous as both a pioneer of computing and as someone who was torn apart by the attitude towards homosexuality in the 1950s. Even when he died in 1954 his death was not big news. The story of how he cracked the German Enigma Codes to help bring the war to an early end was still covered by the Official Secrets Act and average people had no idea what a computer was anyway. His death attracted a two paragraph story in The Times describing how he had “helped to develop a mechanical brain which he said had solved in a few weeks a problem in higher mathematics that had been a puzzle since the 18th Century”. It also noted his work on the ACE – the “Automatic Computing Machine”. A short obituary followed a few days later.

The Island At The End Of The World

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When Edward launched our new theme the other week the idea behind it was that we had all moved to a tropical desert island to spend the remainder of our days in the sun. It was a bit of a joke in response to the terrible weather we were suffering at the time and the idea of living life in the sun appealed to us all. However, to the people of the Pacific island of Palmerston our dream is in fact their reality. Palmerston is one of the most isolated places in the world and is visited by a supply ship twice a year – at the most – as the long and hazardous journey deters most visitors. What’s more, all of the inhabitants are descended from one Englishman who settled on the island more than 150 years ago.

Davidd’s Doodles #1

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If Razzi can have his own column here on Jammy Toast then I do not see why I cannot. If Razzi can have “Razzi Writes” then I can have “Davidd Doodles”. So welcome to the first of Davidd Doodles. The more observant amongst you will notice we have a new header or title on the blog today. This is because a certain Chimpton daughter of mine keeps complaining that the old one looks like we are running a blog for a Bear slaughterhouse. We all know the red logo was meant to be spilt jam, however she insisted it looked more like blood spilt all over the place. To remedy this we have come up with a new header, which features Ellie and the RB Bear as featured in the Renault Bear Storybook. I hope that it makes the blog look a little less like a slaughterhouse!