Bear Heroes #12

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From time to time the bears bestow an award on somebody who they regard as a hero. This award is not given lightly and there have to date only been twelve recipients. These heroes do not have to be famous or in the limelight, just someone the bears hold in the highest regard as a role model. Today, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, we would like to honour Alan Turing by naming him as an official Hero Of The Bears.

Bear Heroes #11

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If there is one person anyone would want as a big brother then that person would have to be Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli, the character from Happy Days. The Fonz was never supposed to be a major character in the show but due to his popularity he eventually became the lead. By the mid-1970s Fonzie dwarfed the other characters in popularity and had become a global phenomenon. Everyone who was bullied, anyone who needed a friend, they all wanted a big brother just like Fonzie.

Welcome To Jammy Toast

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Hello and welcome to Jammy Toast. We hope you found our new home without too many problems and, with any luck; this will be the last time we move for some time. It was really for reasons beyond our control that the move came about; but we would still like to apologise for the disruption this week. We have not sent out emails this time, we don’t want to be accused of spamming; instead we have set up re-directs from our old domains so that if you click on or then you should be redirected to the new site here at Jammy Toast. This usually takes a few hours to propagate around the internet but it means everyone should end up here in the end.