It’s Always Sunny…

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We always laugh at the antics of Granny here on Jammy Toast. She makes us laugh with her forgetfulness and her “who gives a feck” attitude to life; whenever she just opens her mouth and lets the diatribe flow. Her mother, my Grandmother, was exactly the same and Auntie Diane, Granny’s daughter, is quickly following in her footsteps. My Grandfather and I seem to have missed out on this particular family trait. So much so that we always used to joke that it only shows itself in the female gene in this family. So what about Chimpton?

My First Foreign Holiday

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Iseem to be getting very nostalgic lately and remembering things from my childhood. One of my favourite memories was my very first foreign holiday. Back in the day, I used to accompany my grandparents on holidays to exotic places like, Bournemouth, Poole, Llandudno and – for the most part – the weather was always despicable. I remember one year we went on holiday somewhere and it rained every single day we were away. Because we stayed in Bed & Breakfasts, we had to leave the place during the day – not that there was anything to do their even if we hadn’t – and, I think for the week we were there we had one afternoon when the weather was good enough for us to venture outside the confines of the car.

The Last Word On Nudist Beaches

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Last week we told of some of our holiday adventures where we had “accidentally” ended up on nudist beaches. I have put the word “accidentally” in quotes because a number of people have doubted that it was an accident. We have been accused of deliberately setting out to Perv at people with no clothes on – as if we would do that. So I thought I would come along today and put these people straight. While it is true that we have seen some very attractive people sunbathing topless on beaches around the world. The vast majority of people we have seen sunbathing naked on nudist beaches are a different matter altogether. Most of these people are either elderly, fat, ugly or burnt to a crisp. Before The Chimpton says anything, I include myself in all those categories.

Jammy Toast’s Spanish Adventure

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On Thursday I posted an Archive Post telling the story of my first visit to Yorkshire with Razzi. Later on The Chimpton and I were laughing about my adventures in the land of the early to bed when she reminded me of a rather remarkable day in Spain. We were on holiday in Portugal – you can read about it here – when we awoke to a rather miserable day. It was cloudy and rather chilly but over in the distance we could see the sun was out in Spain. So we got out passports, jumped into the car and started heading towards Spain.

Jammy Toast And The Nudist Beach

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Iwas reading the newspaper today when I came across the news that Paris is opening a nudist park. In a semi-secluded clearing near a bird reserve in the Bois de Vincennes Park, will be their very first permanent park dedicated to nudism. The article stated that nudists have long been demanding to have their own green spot in the French capital. More than 400 naturist beaches and camp sites exist in France, where more than 2.5 million people practice nudism but this is the first permanent nudist park.

The Story Of The Dominican Republic

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The other day my Dad told you the story of our holiday to Portugal, so I thought I would tell you the story of our holiday to the Dominican Republic – or at least, part of it. The particular day in question my Dad had gone out on an excursion on a yacht and, as I don’t do travelling on water too well, I had stayed behind on a very hot day sipping drinks around the pool. Now before long the heat was beginning to get the better of me and, although I don’t like cold water, I just had to have a little dip in the swimming pool. Who could blame me, the weather was absolutely baking!

The Story Of Portugal

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We never did find out who the strange person in the pool was.

Just lately I have been reading through many old posts to decide which ones to include in our Old Toast feature. Suddenly it hit me – we never did tell the story of our adventure in Portugal here on Jammy Toast. Now the main thing about Miss Chimpton is on the outside she is quite an outgoing individual but on the inside she is actually quite shy. She is quite often very outgoing when it comes to the male of the species also, but that is usually when she has Daddy or someone else backing her up. When she is alone or thinks someone has serious intensions towards her, she freezes and she gets rather embarrassed of the attention.