The Story Of The Dominican Republic

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The other day my Dad told you the story of our holiday to Portugal, so I thought I would tell you the story of our holiday to the Dominican Republic – or at least, part of it. The particular day in question my Dad had gone out on an excursion on a yacht and, as I don’t do travelling on water too well, I had stayed behind on a very hot day sipping drinks around the pool. Now before long the heat was beginning to get the better of me and, although I don’t like cold water, I just had to have a little dip in the swimming pool. Who could blame me, the weather was absolutely baking!

The Story Of Portugal

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We never did find out who the strange person in the pool was.

Just lately I have been reading through many old posts to decide which ones to include in our Old Toast feature. Suddenly it hit me – we never did tell the story of our adventure in Portugal here on Jammy Toast. Now the main thing about Miss Chimpton is on the outside she is quite an outgoing individual but on the inside she is actually quite shy. She is quite often very outgoing when it comes to the male of the species also, but that is usually when she has Daddy or someone else backing her up. When she is alone or thinks someone has serious intensions towards her, she freezes and she gets rather embarrassed of the attention.

Eddie Visits Cuba

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Eddie samples some of the local "produce"”!

Hello everybody, I don’t often get the chance to write for Jammy Toast because I don’t live there I live with The Chimpton who is rather forgetful. The Bearkeeper asks her to remind me to write something for Jammy Toast but she forgets. So I only write here very infrequently, in fact, there is a chance you may not know who I am so I think it is only fair that I introduce myself. My name is Eddie and I was the very first Renault Bear to be saved. When I say “saved” I actually mean stolen because I used to live with a guy called Tony who let me go on holiday with Mr Bearkeeper and The Chimpton. I became quite attached to The Chimpton and when we returned to England it appears the feeling was mutual because she then refused to return me and has held me captive at Chimpton Towers ever since. Luckily, Tony has long forgiven The Chimpton for this theft of myself and even admits that I am better off being looked after by a Chimpton than by Tony who can sometimes be a little… naughty!