The Story Of Aleksandr Orlov #1

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Aleksandr and Sergei working on new book.

Today I start tell peoples all about my life. Due to popular demand I have decide to tell my bear friends at Jammy Toast about amazing story of Orlov family. From amazing journey across Kalahari Desert to beginnings of meerkat comparing business on streets of Moscow. I am hoping from money Davidd pay to re-marble roof of Orlov Family mansion. Many meerkats have soggy fur because of hole in roof of mansion when it rain and lie in bed at night lookings at stars. I also say big thank you to Sergei who tpye for me on old typewriter found in attic in Meerkovo. Please enjoyment this

Aleksandr Comes To Jammy Toast

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Hello Peoples. Greeting from old friend Aleksandr, founder of I not speak with Bear friends for too long so today; I tell you personally about some very excitement news for you all. My old friend Sergei live at Jammy Toast for very longest time and I have miss him very muchly. I also want to write for my memoirs before I get senile like old Granny. So I join two thing together and come to Jammy Toast for to see Sergei, my old friend, and also to write my memoir in relax setting by Jammy Toast lake – with Sergei. This very good news for Sergei I know he sure to have miss me.