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From time to time here at Jammy Toast, we have some famous people come and visit and leave the odd comment on our posts. We seem to be very popular with celebrities and – coincidently – they always seem to be celebrities we have a particular fondness for. Famous Visitors, is a collection of posts explaining who these celebrities are and, where we can, telling how they came to discover Jammy Toast and the nature of the comments they leave behind. Today, we are featuring, the one and only…

A new visitor recently is none other than Elvis Presley. Now Elvis is risking being uncovered by posting comments here on Jammy Toast because he is supposed to have died back in 1977. However, today we can reveal the truth to our friends but we ask that you in turn keep it a secret. Elvis is still alive and although many believe he is working at their local supermarket or petrol station this is total fabrication. Why would a man who is worth over £300million work for a living?

Elvis is in fact in hiding for various reasons and is still alive. Even Wikipedia reports this. The notion was popularized by the books of Gail Brewer-Giorgio and other authors. Several people even claim to have seen Elvis after he was supposed to have died. One rash of alleged sightings took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in the late 1980s. Such reports encountered much public ridicule and became fodder for humorous publications like the Weekly World News.

Elvis was rumoured to have appeared in the background of an airport scene in the 1990 film Home Alone. In an interview with USA Today, director Chris Columbus responded “If Elvis was on the set, I would have known”. In June 2016, a video of an elderly man in Graceland was alleged to have been Elvis.

The actor Bill Bixby, who co-starred with Elvis in Clambake and Speedway, hosted two television specials investigating the subject: The Elvis Files (1991), and The Elvis Conspiracy (1992).

All these are rumours and speculation but here at Jammy Toast, we can reveal he is very much still alive as our picture – above – only goes to prove. We have, of course, been sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal his whereabouts, but we are glad Elvis still enjoys his regular visits to Jammy Toast.

Long may he continue to visit.

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