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We love dogs here at Jammy Toast and have a soft spot for German Shepherds in particular. So this weekend we were especially moved by the story of one German Shepherd cross by the name of Floyd. Floyd has spent most of his 10 years living in an animal shelter but has finally found a new home. He was the longest-staying resident at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool but has now moved in with one of the shelter’s dog walkers. For years, Floyd found interacting with people very stressful after a traumatic start to his life, Freshfields said. But the charity said Floyd was now “safe and happy” in his new home.

It took years before Floyd trusted the staff at Freshfields because he had come from a home where he was living in a yard and was tormented by children throwing stones at him. Sadly for Floyd, having this start to his life meant that he would not tolerate being interfered with in any way and would bite. In addition to this Floyd was very protective, especially of his dog walkers, to the extent where the staff could not approach him while out on a walk. Over the years staff learnt how to handle Floyd and avoided putting him in situations where he felt the need to bite.

It was obvious that Floyd needed a very specific home, and one with a lot of experience of German Shepherds. Floyd’s loyal and devoted dog walker Louis had been walking Floyd for years and had always wanted to adopt him but was sadly never in a position to do so.

Another hurdle was that Floyd would not get into a vehicle, and trying to hurl a 35kg dog into a car that was unhappy was not an easy task, and of course this only caused him more stress.

Over the past couple of months staff had been concerned about Floyd as they felt his health was starting to deteriorate. A date was set for him to go into the vets for further tests and so the task began of getting him there, and of course getting him sedated. Luckily enough with a lot of patience, and the help of a van with easier access, staff finally managed to get Floyd to the vet where he underwent blood tests and a full MOT. Although Floyd’s tests all came back clear staff could not rule out the possibility that something else was going on. During this time Louis began to think about taking Floyd home. After the passing of Louis’s beloved cat and with the potential for Floyd to travel the idea of him ‘going home’ started to become a possibility. However Freshfields had to consider if Floyd would adjust to living in a home after spending so many years at the centre. Staff had tried to integrate him into his own room in the past but such a move was not welcomed by Floyd. However, if anyone could make it work with Floyd it was Louis. The bond the two shared was heart-warming and Floyd would even tolerate Louis giving him the occasional brush and applying flea treatment – something he would never let the other staff do.


Floyd at play!

After a lot of discussion, it was decided to take the plunge and let Floyd go home with Louis.

On Monday 18th September, staff managed to get Floyd back in the van and two members of staff took him to Louis’, starting by introducing him into the garden first. As soon as Floyd saw Louis he was instantly at ease and trotted straight into the house.

Louis kept the centre updated every hour and they could not believe how well Floyd was settling in – even to the point where he evicted Louis from what was fast becoming his favourite armchair.

Freshfields never give up on any dog, and had always hoped that one day they would find the right home for Floyd. Although ideally it would have been better if it had happened sooner for Floyd, but it had to be the right time for him. Finding Floyd a forever home was something Freshfields had always wished for and thanks to the dedication of his long-time friend Louis, this has now become a reality.

The staff at the centre will all miss Floyd, he was always so happy there and enjoyed a good fuss and romp around the field with his doggy friends, but of course nothing compares to a forever home.

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  1. My kids said I didn’t make their day off from school “fun enough” so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time!!

  2. Seven signs rode on seven stars,
    Seven ways to find the long lost bards
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    1. Lost am I in this world of timelessness and woe
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      Is the passport to this world, my astral soul?

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