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Hello, my name is Bimbo. I am Great Uncle to all the bears even though I am not really a Renault Bear myself. It is a bit of an honorary title because I am a very old bear. In fact, I was bought for Davidd by his Grandparents on the day that he was born many, many, many years ago. I can remember most things that have happened in my lifetime and these are the things I write about in my column. I will tell you of things that happened not just to Davidd and me, but things I can remember from television, news or anything else that comes into my head

For those of us who lived through the 1970s we remember it as a funky period. It was – for many – the era of funky clothes and happy sitcoms. It was a chance to hit the dance floor and boogie oogie oogie ‘til you just couldn’t boogie any more. It was 10 years full of changing fashion trends, from brightly-coloured flared trousers and tie-dyed t-shirts to leisure suits and peasant blouses. When we weren’t singing along with our favourite tunes, drivers were chatting to their “good buddy” on a CB radio, just one of the many fleeting trends of the 70s era. Colour TVs became the norm and were cheaper than ever. Parents and kids gathered around the TV to enjoy The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days, Sanford and Son, Starsky and Hutch, and Kojak, just to name a few.

See how many things from the 1970s you can recognise…

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I was given to Davidd, The Bearkeeper back in 1960 in St Catherine’s Hospital when I was presented to him as a “birth” day present. I came home with him and have been with him ever since. We grew up together and, unlike many other people, he has never decided he was too old to have a teddy bear. I am the oldest bear here at Jammy Toast.

31 Comments on “Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #11”

  1. Oh the memories come flooding back!!

    “Exqueese me? Have I seen this one before? “Frampton Comes Alive”? Everybody in the world has Frampton Comes Alive. If you lived in the suburbs you were issued it. It came in the mail with samples of Tide.”

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      She’s got me calling everyday
      I can’t seem to get enough
      Could this be love?

      Stay up ’til late at night
      Watch the stars burst into light
      Watch movies all the time
      We can’t get enough

      I’d jump out of a plane
      Write your name in the sky
      You’re shaking my life up

      Could this be love?

    1. Can I come on a spending spree with you please?
      A new car
      Prada Handbag
      Big Diamond ring (no comments dad about rings!!)
      An exotic holiday
      Lapland visit
      and some spending money please
      O and a new laptop this one is dying.

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