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Despite the fact I wrote on the blog yesterday, I have asked Davidd if I can write again today because ITV have really made me angry. There are two people I can think of who can make me laugh without even saying a word. One was Eric Morecambe who could just do something stupid or even just put his glasses at a ridicules angle and I would be laughing so hard it would hurt. The other person was Tommy Cooper. Tommy could walk on stage and simply sigh and again I would be in fits of hysterics. Last night, everyone at Jammy Toast sat down to watch the ITV drama about Tommy’s life called; “Not Like That, Like This”, which didn’t exactly paint a very good picture of him. They portrayed him as a drunken, woman beating, tight fisted man who cheated on his wife with his assistant and who was riddled with self-doubt about his gift of making people laugh.

After spending years loving the man we thought Tommy Cooper was, we now have to reconcile this with the selfish, bumbling drunkard portrayed in this ITV drama. Both the women in his life suffered domestic violence at his hands, so the drama implies. His girlfriend, in one scene, even appeared with a black eye hidden behind dark sunglasses.

To make matters worse, Tommy Cooper’s daughter, Vicky, is reported to have agreed the script but she has since denied this. Speaking in the Daily Mail she has said; “What sort of daughter would I be to even consider approving a pack of lies? As if I’d agree to scenes where my mother is smashed about when he never laid a finger on her. To be labelled a woman beater is a hugely serious accusation and it’s completely false. Yes, my father did have a bad temper, as did my mum, but their arguments would flare up and fizzle out like a firework. More often than not, they ended up laughing at themselves. To my knowledge, the only thing Dad took out his temper on was the furniture. One day, he got so angry that he picked up a chair and smashed the legs off, but a few hours later he looked at it and said; ‘Oh God, and that was my favourite one as well.’ Dad was a flawed human being, like the rest of us. He was always running late, and sometimes he did drink too much but that was in high spirits after a show, not swigging from a bottle at seven in the morning. More than 50 per cent of the population also drinks too much sometimes. I would have seen if he was this violent alcoholic.”

Vicky concludes by saying; “I just want him to be remembered for what he was, a man who above all wanted to entertain people and make them happy.”

For many, many years that is exactly what Tommy Cooper did. He made everyone laugh at the things he did and the things he said. He once asked the Queen if she liked watching football and when she admitted that she was not the greatest fan, he asked if he could use her tickets for the FA Cup final. Even the Queen laughed at that one!

Why do people come along, years after celebrities have died and are not around the defend themselves, and paint a picture of them which no one wants to see. Everyone has issues that they may not be happy with or want the whole world to know. However, what good does it do to air those issues for all the world to see when the people concerned are not even around anymore?

Let Tommy rest in peace and let’s all remember him for the comedy genius that he was.


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  1. In this country we always build people up to shoot them down. As soon as someone is rich and famous it is as if jealousy sets in and we have to criticise everything they do always looking n the negative side when once we always used to look at the positive. It is part of being British!

  2. I watched that programme a couple of weeks ago and while the acting was top notch and David Threlfall was brilliant in the role of Tommy, the whole show was a character assassination on poor Tommy.

    Like you say, let him rest in peace!!

  3. Leaving 32 Windsor Gardens for my elevenses with Wellington boots on and a hard stare at the rain. I’m late as I couldn’t find my boots.

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