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Sir Ken Dodd will be treated to an afternoon tea of jam butties and Diddy pies at Liverpool Town Hall to celebrate his 90th birthday. And the Squire of Knotty Ash had a special message for the countless people wishing him well. He said: “This is a day of thanksgiving. Thank you for all the love, affection and support – and advice, sometimes – you have given me.”

At the Town Hall, Doddy, a Freeman of the City, will listen to a rendition of his signature tune Happiness by pupils from Knotty Ash Primary School, while children from Trinity Primary School in Liverpool will tell him their favourite jokes. As well as sandwiches fresh from the Knotty Ash Jam Butty Mines, together with Diddy pies, the veteran comedian will be presented with a giant birthday cake and goodwill messages from Scousers.

Sir Doddy said of turning 90: “There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s compulsory! And it’s no use living in the past – it’s cheaper but you can’t live in the past.”

When he was asked where he would like to pose for his official birthday portrait, he had no hesitation in choosing outside St John The Evangelist Church in Knotty Ash. He explained: “It is the centre of Knotty Ash and I sang here as a choirboy – until they found out where the noise was coming from. And Knotty Ash is my home – it’s the centre of my life and always has been. My family are still here with me in memories. I had the most wonderful family – fabulous mother and father, and wonderful brother and sister.

“My heart, my mind, my brain – they’re all here in Knotty Ash. I don’t want them to be anywhere else. I’ve travelled and performed all over the world – so I’ve had a good look round and to be absolutely truthful there’s nowhere like Knotty Ash.”

Lord Mayor Cllr Malcolm Kennedy said: “To borrow a line from Sir Ken, how tickled we are to be honouring him on the very special occasion of his 90th birthday. He is the King of Comedy and the Master of Mirth – a one-off national treasure, the likes of which we have never seen before, and never will again.”

Happy Birthday Doddy, from all at Jammy Toast!

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25 Comments on “Happy Birthday Doddy”

  1. Happy Birthday Sir!! Not sure I could sit through one of his shows but the old duffers love him.

    In other news its fucking freezing in our nations capital. Wtf its normally warmer down here than the squirral. I seriously cannot feel my fingers dad :sad:

  2. Also I went through Liverpool today and saw lots of poppy wearers. London. Not so. Hardly anyone wearing the lovely red flowers, but then nobody bloody smiles here either. Miserable twats #sorrynotsorry

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