Happy Birthday To Me, And Many More!

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Today is my birthday and I am beginning to get on a bit. So-much-so that The Chimpton takes great delight in calling me an old dodderer. But during our more serious conversations she has stated that she worries about me because of my weight. She doesn’t want me to kick the bucket in case she ends up being deported back to Vietnam – for those of you who do not know, she was a Vietnamese Boat Child. Most people can tell by her slanty eyes, but The Chimpton fled Vietnam as a very young child to escape the Vietnam War and was held in a refugee camp until I adopted her and brought her home – a story for another day. So if I die, there is a chance she might be sent back. However, today I have some great news for her – and me – it turns out, some extra pounds later in life can actually be protective. It’s something scientists have deemed the “obesity paradox”: being overweight correlates with a lower risk of death for older individuals than their skinny counterparts.

The effect has been studied the most in regard to cardiovascular diseases, but a protective effect for being overweight has also been shown for individuals with diabetes or who have suffered a stroke. In addition, other studies have shown that overweight older people have lower mortality from all causes not just diabetes or strokes.

For instance, a research study published in 2012 found that older individuals with a BMI between 25.0 and 29.9 had the lowest mortality rate of any of the BMI categories studied — and lower than individuals with a BMI considered “healthy.” And a 2014 meta-analysis found that, for older individuals, the lowest mortality rate occurs among people with a higher BMI.

Research does show that there are risks of being overweight — from diabetes to blood pressure to heart disease — and the science of the obesity paradox is uncertain enough that physicians don’t generally think normal weight people should gain weight. However, at least according to this medical hypothesis, being overweight could, in some cases, be an asset, not a liability.

So for all those who might be worrying about me, don’t. I do aim to be around for a little while yet, keeping an eye on all these pesky bears and also keeping an overbearing eye on The Chimpton.

You guys don’t get rid of me that easily.

Happy Birthday to me!

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34 Comments on “Happy Birthday To Me, And Many More!”

  1. I cannot see
    I cannot pee
    I cannot chew
    I cannot screw
    O’my god what can I do?
    My memory shrinks
    My hearing stinks
    I have no sense of smell
    I look like hell
    My mood is bad…… can you tell?
    My body’s drooping
    Have trouble pooping
    The golden years have come at last
    The golden years can kiss my fat ass!!

    Happy Birthday you old fart :roflao:

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