How Do You Eat Your Jaffa Cake?

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If you don’t already know it, then you have probably guessed that we love eating our Jammy Toast here at Jammy Toast. What you may not realise is, we also love Jaffa Cakes. So this weekend we were intrigued to find out that the nation’s favourite way of eating a Jaffa Cake is wrong, according to research. While a third of fans go for the Half Mooner and take a bite to create a half moon shape then polish off the remainder, boffins say their technique fails to make the most of the flavours. A study by food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond found the All Rounder – preferred by more than a quarter of biscuit lovers – is the perfect method. For nibbling around the edge and saving the centre with the orange filling until last “gives the almost perfectly optimised balance of zesty orange, slightly bitter chocolate and sweet airy sponge,” the report revealed.

Dr Farrimond carried out a series of lab tests with volunteers and his findings in the McVitie’s Zest Report claim the All Rounder hits the “hedonic breakpoint” of the popular treat. He said: “Given that the orange jam layer is pooled in the central segment of the Jaffa Cake, different eating styles will result in different combinations of these three layers in each mouthful. Whilst the most common way to eat a Jaffa Cake is the Half Mooner technique, our research concluded that the All Rounder with the middle portion of the Jaffa Cake eaten as one, gives the optimum sweetness, taste and flavour, and this can only be fully appreciated by nibbling the edge off first and then eating the middle portion alone.”

According to McVitie’s, while most Jaffa Cake eaters are Half Mooners, a fifth are Scoffers who down them in one go – this is the way preferred here at Jammy Toast.

One in 20 are Jelly Lovers who go straight for the centre and take a bite out of the middle to eat the orange jelly, leaving the biscuit intact and eating it last. The survey found two thirds of Brits polish off at least one packet of Jaffa Cakes a week.

Kerry Owens, McVitie’s UK marketing director said: “The perfect way to eat a Jaffa Cake has long been a debate amongst Jaffa Cakes fans, with four different techniques most commonly preferred by the nation, so it was only right that we finally put these ways of eating to the ultimate test.”

Let’s see if we can undertake our own survey here at Jammy Toast. How do you eat your Jaffa Cakes? Are you a Scoffer, a Half-Mooner, an All Rounder or a Middle Biter?

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