Jammy Toast Fans #15

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Scarlett Moffett models our all-new design Jammy Toast t-shirt.

Who could we get to model the all-new Jammy Toast t-shirts but our old friend from Gogglebox, Scarlett Moffatt. We do not watch Celebrity Jungle here at Jammy Toast, all those maggots, spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies tend to upset the bears and give Razzi nightmares. We also can’t stand Ant and Dec and so seeing as all Scarlett does these days is Jungle or Ant and Dec shows we are pretty much deprived off anything involving Scarlett. Please Scarlett, go back to Gogglebox – we miss you!

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33 Comments on “Jammy Toast Fans #15”

  1. Me: Maybe we could get to know each other over a cup of coffee?
    Him: I have a girlfriend.
    Me: I know. I’m her. We’ve been dating for 3 months and I don’t even know your last name.

  2. 25 years today since the first ever text message was sent. It simply said “Merry Christmas”. Of course nowadays he’d have sent a picture of his cock with a Santa hat on it, but it was a simpler time in 1992.

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