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Many moons ago, here on Jammy Toast, we used to make our own music videos. Many songs we wanted to feature on the blog didn’t have a video for us to “borrow”, so we resorted to making our own. So in 2009, we found a couple of Spanish bears who we rescued via eBay. Unfortunately when they arrived here at Jammy Toast they were a little homesick. Their names were – and still are for that matter – Enriquo and Enrique. The two are twins and so to celebrate their birthday, and to make them feel more at home, Egginanoo made them a special Spanish themed video. The video was for The Gypsy Kings song called “No Volvere”.

The video is not really much of a celebratory song or story. However, the twins really like The Gypsy Kings and their favourite song – despite not really being very suitable for celebrating a birthday – is “No Volvere”. It tells a very sad story about a man left all alone after his girlfriend leaves him and commits suicide. He misses her that much that he decides to join her.

We posted the video on YouTube, back in the days when they turned a blind eye to copyright infringement. Unfortunately, sometime later – after Google took over YouTube – they started taking copyright matters more seriously and so deleted our video. This meant we lost the video we had made for Enriquo and Enrique.

Sad times!

Now, by chance, we have rediscovered the video amongst some old back-ups. The video quality is not that great as it was made using Windows Movie Maker back in the day when a free video editor came with Windows. However, it does show just how creative Egginanoo is with her video making exploits.

So be kind to Egginanoo when commenting and remember, this video was made nearly ten years ago!

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  1. HAHAHA Dad that car was one I had :roflao: I called it Herbie as it had a mind of its own. Some days it would start others it would just sit and tell me to piss off! I loved that little car. £100 he cost and the insurance was £250! Brought back memories seeing that little Citroen Dad.

  2. Reorganization at the grocery store. They now have a new section just for canned chips. Canned chips! That’s Pringles. That’s all there is, Pringles. The fucking sign should just say Pringles, ffs.

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