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Today we are starting a new series of posts featuring old pictures of the Wirral. As most of you know, Razzi and I travel around the Wirral all week and it is amazing how quickly something can change. Suddenly the demolition crews move in and within a couple of months an old building disappears and a new building or houses replace it – another Wirral landmark becomes a memory. So starting today we are going to remind you of what old Wirral used to look like or, if you have never visited the Wirral, show you an old photograph and its modern equivalent – where we can

Swan Hill Diary was built in 1931, positioned approximately half-way down Woodchurch Road. It was such a local landmark that the area of Woodchurch Road adjacent to it became known as Swan Hill and still is to this day, even though it has long since been resigned to memory. It was a large, brick building with the front of the main building set back 45 metres from the main roadway and the space left in front of the building made into gardens.

Swan Hill Dairy

Swan Hill Dairy

The Dairy had three processes. It received milk from farms, pasteurised it and bottled it. The glass bottles were bought and the plastic bottles and cartons actually made at the dairy. The workforce consisted of sixty people with the first workers beginning their shift at 3.30am. Work continued for some until 6.00pm. All the workers wore white hats and overalls.

The milk arrived in tankers, each carrying 9,000 litres, from about ninety local farms spread around the Wirral. In its heyday, the Dairy delivered to around 40,000 houses on the Wirral.

Renault\Nissan Dealership

Renault\Nissan Dealership

The Dairy later became the Cooperative Dairy and was finally demolition in the late 1980s. It is now a Renault/Nissan dealership.

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    1. No idea. All I do know is it was on Woodchurch Road and called Swan Dairies and so people started calling it Swan Hill because that part of Woodchurch Road is on a hill.

      Just up the road from there is a road called Duck Pond Lane because when I was a kid there was a duck pond up the lane.

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