Old Wirral Pictures #2

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Today we are continuing a series of posts featuring old pictures of the Wirral. As most of you know, Razzi and I travel around the Wirral all week and it is amazing how quickly something can change. Suddenly the demolition crews move in and within a couple of months an old building disappears and a new building or houses replace it – another Wirral landmark becomes a memory. This series of posts is here to remind us of what old Wirral used to look like or, if you have never visited the Wirral, show you an old photograph and its modern equivalent – where we can

Grange Road in Birkenhead has been the centre for shopping for as long as I can remember. Even in the days before the Pyramids shopping centre was built it was the place with an abundance of shops covering almost everything you could wish to buy. Since the 1970s, Birkenhead Market has been located there and the whole of Grange Road has been pedestrianised to allow for a safer, more convenient shopping experience. However, back in the day cars were still allowed to drive up and down the road. If memory serves, it was officially limited to delivery vehicles but people used to drive up and down the road if they were collecting larger purchase from a store.

From my younger years, the two places I always remember are Robbs and The Famous Army & Navy Store. Robbs was a department store where all my school uniforms, shirts and ties were bought from. The Army & Navy Store was where I always bought my jeans and casual gear from…

Grange Road 1970s

Grange Road 1970s

Grange Road back in the day, used to be a place I loved visiting – it was a fun place to shop but today it is just a clone of every other shopping area. Grange Road used to be a place you would shop and then linger and have a tea/coffee and just browse around the shops for fun, even if you were not necessarily looking to buy. Today it is not somewhere I go very often and those who do visit do so out of necessity and then get away as soon as possible.

The fun element is missing these days…

Grange Road Today

Grange Road Today

Bring back the good old days.

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