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The bears had no tea last night. We all had to go to bed hungry because of Tesco’s failure to deliver our Jammy Toast provisions. We placed our order online and selected a delivery slot between 1pm and 2pm. When 4.30pm arrived we decided it was time to check where our delivery had disappeared to. The lady on the phone checked for us and explained that there had been a delay but promised us faithfully that there would be a delivery, they just couldn’t tell us at what time. We were all relieved that at least our delivery would arrive and we would receive our Christmas cheer, or so we thought…

As the day wore on it became blatantly obvious that our order was not going to appear at all. We were left in a position where we had no Jammy Toast for our tea but we couldn’t go out and buy any in case our delivery arrived and no one was in to accept it.

A predicament that left us all hungry and with no tea!

When we rang this morning to find out what had happened they didn’t even seem that bothered. We received a half-arsed apology and told they would make our delivery today… they then tried to charge us a £5 for the delivery. This was the moment we decided to set Razzi onto them. Needless to say, faced with an enraged bear of Razzi’s stature they succumbed and refunded us our delivery fee.

Now we think about it, we have no idea why we bother ordering provisions from Tesco in the first place. The dates on the shopping they deliver are rubbish and is often the next day after delivery. They have a habit of delivering burger buns and then telling us they have sold out of burgers then the following week delivering burgers and telling us they have run out of buns. When we get shopping delivered from Sainsbury’s they always check the dates with us to ensure we are happy with them and, amongst many other things, deliver on the day and time they say they will.

I think I know where we will be getting our shopping from in future.

Erik has suggested that because we have a Bear Paw Seal of Approval for people who do things well we should start a Bear Shit Award for people who just never get anything right. If we do start such an award, we know who will be the first recipients.

We hope you are listening Tesco!

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