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Earlier this month, TIME Magazine released details of their annual award for Person of The Year. Since 1927, the magazine has identified their Person of the Year, recognizing a person or group of people who have most influenced the news during that year, for better or for worse. In recent years, the shortlist for the award has included people as diverse as Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Vladimir Putin and Beyoncé. This year’s shortlist included Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and The #MeToo Movement. Today we can reveal the “real” winner…

Time Magazine's Person of The Year

Time Magazine’s Person of The Year

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  1. As being part of the gogglebox family my heart breaks for June and her family at the passing of Leon, but as a fan of gogglebox my heart breaks with the nation as we have lost a legend. Rest in peace Leon. Xxx

  2. Words can’t explain what you meant to so many people. From your words of encouragement to me to the little messages you sent me. Leon you were loved by so many. Sending my love to you and all of your family. :heart:

  3. I thought I knew what true love was until I met the love of my life…uh, what’s his name. You know, the dude with the eyes & the nose. He’s a real person. Totally not made up. Lovely fella.

  4. Nigel Farage snubbed for a knighthood for services to Brexit… The sole “achievement” of Brexit so far is a promise to bring back blue passports, that’s not worthy of a gift voucher, let alone a knighthood!

  5. Mum and sister decided we should play Monopoly last night – I warned them it was a family violent kinda game.

    I won.

    My mum calls me a dick head and my sister isn’t talking to me.

    Merry Christmas :roflao: :roflao: :roflao:

  6. I’m so sorry to anyone who has to live with depression over the holidays. (Or ever). My heart breaks for you. I feel it too. It seems so unfair. Life going on around you, Christmas cheer and a constant bustling. Laughing and baking and whatever else. While you’re just… there.

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