Picture Of The Day #117

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157 year old Giant Tortoise.

We have no idea who these two are except for the fact that the giant tortoise seems to have a nice smile going on… oh yea, and the fact that he is 157 years old! Can’t be bad if you are still smiling at that advanced age. Here at Jammy Toast we know plenty of people a great younger than that who spend their days frowning and being miserable. I wonder if he could speak what would his secret of living to an advanced age be. Probably a glass of wine or whiskey a every day – old people always say that when they are asked.

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32 Comments on “Picture Of The Day #117”

    1. OMG that is good coming from the girl who travels all the way down to London doing a gippy all the way just to have needles stuck around her eyes to try and look normal… :crazy:


      1. Well I’m glad I’m adopted. Jebus a long crusty scaly face is not good!

        Btw I’m only gippy on the way back Douglas and it’s not to look normal as I’m far from that derrr!

  1. Whyy Cuddn’t Mee Grandadd Livee Daa Longg ,, I Still Miss Himm Every Dayy !! Btt Fuckinn Hell Imaginn Howw Much Saladd Stuff Hee Hass Eatenn Inn Hiss Lifee .. I Bett He’ss Hd Moree Inn A Week Thnn Davidd Hass Hadd Inn Hiss Life :roflao:

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