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Jewish school children, Mukachevo, Ukraine, circa 1935-38.

Ihave no idea why I chose this picture for Picture Of The Day. I think perhaps that I have a preconceived idea that if you see Jewish children from the late 1930s, then they are usually on their way to a concentration camp and/or probably death. However these kids are smiling and laughing and the child in the centre has an impish kind of look on her face. Not exactly what I would be expecting if I saw the photograph’s caption before I saw the photograph. It just has a certain quality which I cannot put into words. Feel free to try yourselves…

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22 Comments on “Picture Of The Day #121”

  1. Up until World War II and the Holocaust Mukachevo was a Jewish town with more than half its people of Jewish descent. Because so many Jews from Mukachevo were killed during the Holocaust, today it has a Ukrainian population.

  2. Watched an unreported world documentary this week about how many of the holocaust surviors were destitute and living in squalor. It was so sad. They had survived only to become the forgotten and for many in Israel hushed and made to feel unwanted. Many living off food banks even though millions was set aside to help survivors many have not been able to access funds. The funding committee were also prosecuted for millions of dollars worth of fraud 😕 it made me feel real sad.

  3. Had a great time at G Live in Guildford last night and the M25 South was open all the way to the A12, which as open all the way to the A14 which was open all the way to the A140 which was open all the way to my house, which was closed as I couldn’t find my key.

    Tonight I am playing at a Moon Bears fund raising concert at the Mill in Sonning such a great cause and a great night guaranteed.

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