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Australian Photography magazine’s 2016 Photographer of the Year.

We recently discovered Helen Whittle’s photography and were smitten. A veterinarian by trade, she turned the camera on her seven-year-old daughter and took out Australian Photography magazine’s 2016 Photographer of the Year. She is based in Molong, New South Wales and is a natural light photographer specialising in child portraits and family documentary images. As well as being Australian Photographer of the Year 2016, she was also a finalist in The Voice Collection in Click Magazine 2016. She is inspired by dramatic and natural light, and produces simple, emotive and authentic images. With a style consisting mainly of black and white, she sees beauty in the everyday. We really love her work.

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  1. RIP Astronaut John Young, 87. He flew twice to the Moon, walked on its surface and flew the first Space Shuttle mission. He went to space six times in the Gemini, Apollo & Space Shuttle programs.

    One of my childhood heroes. One of the greatest explorers.

  2. My father went to bed early. He must have man flu or granny has poisioned him. It wasn’t even midnight and he was asleep. I had to come on here and tell everyone as this is unheard of from my dad!!

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