Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have concerning Jammy Toast.

Jammy Toast is a retirement home originally for Renault Bears who were no longer loved or wanted by their owners. Renault Bears come to Jammy Toast to live out the remainder of their days in happiness with other unwanted Renault Bears. In later years, the scope of Jammy Toast has widened to take in other bears and puppets and not just those captured by Renault. For example, we now have a Steiff Bear and Flat Eric living with us at Jammy Toast.
We adopted our first Renault Bear, Eddie, in 2006.
Our friend Tony, had a bear who wanted a holiday and so he came on holiday with us. During this holiday to Egypt he explained to us the plight of unwanted teddy bears and we put together a small play to save other Renault Bears. This has since grown into Jammy Toast where we have nearly 300 hundred Bears.
Our bears love Jam on Toast which is why we named the retirement home Jammy Toast.
Our bears spend their days eating their favourite Jammy Toast and watching daytime telly which they have become addicted to. They also love playing on the internet although we have had to supervise what they view as some of the bears where watching Bear Porn!
The bears love reality and daytime telly programmes like Jeremy Kyle, Judge Judy, Breakfast Time, X Factor, The Royle Family, The Real Deal, The Chase, etc.
Jammy Toast is hidden away in Birkenhead Park on an island on the lake. It is hidden to stop unwanted visitors who have nasty intentions towards our bears. Sometimes people think our bears are dangerous and might attack children or dogs being walked in the park. While it is true our teddy bears do have teeth and claws they only ever use them in self-defence.

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