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Hello Everyone. I am starting to get back on my paws again after coming down with flu last week. Davidd and I brought it home with us and next thing you know half of Jammy Toast was down with the dreaded bug. Most are now over it except for poor Davidd who is still coughing up a couple of lungs every time he takes a breath. We have no idea where the bug came from but they will be getting a thick ear if I ever find out who they are!

One thing that made it worse was the fact that while the sun was out and everyone was enjoying one of the hottest weeks of the year, we were all dying with Man Flu. This week has been that hot I have even had to take my leather jacket and hoodie off. It is not every day that I take my hoodie off but wow it has been too hot this week. I was reading on the BBC News website that many of the roads around the country are starting to melt because the weather is so hot. Davidd and I were driving around expecting the tyres to start picking up extra melted tarmac. We should be so lucky – we only went and got a puncture and it cost us £140 for a new tyre!

At least there is one thing about being ill – extra telly and jammy toast!



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  1. Jesus Christ!! 3 different parts of the beach later and I can finally park somewhere!! Rammo at 9pm?? Go home tourists! I got some head clearing to do o_O

  2. I wanted to see how my mum would react if I dropped money on the floor and pretend to have found it. Didn’t expect her to say it was hers though… HAHAHAHAHA

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