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We were sitting around the breakfast table this morning, eating our Jammy Toast, when Razzi got up and headed for the front door. Razzi always hears the postman before anyone else so there was no surprise when he returned with an envelope in his hand. Straight away we knew it was something exciting because it was from the BBC. I opened the envelope and inside – to everyone’s surprise – was a letter from noted wildlife film maker Gordon Buchanan. Even more surprises were to follow because Gordon only wants to come and make a wildlife documentary called The Renault Bears of Jammy Toast. We were gobsmacked!

We have loved Gordon’s documentaries over the years including his work with everything from big cats to stray dogs but our favourite was a documentary called The Bear Family and Me which was aired on the BBC. It showed the year which Buchanan spent with black bears in the American state of Minnesota. In January 2013, Buchanan presented and partially filmed The Polar Bear Family and Me for the BBC, covering the life of a mother polar bear and her cubs in the spring, summer and autumn.

Now he wants to come and film our bears here at Jammy Toast.

Most recently, Gordon has been on our screens in the highly acclaimed Elephant Family And Me and Life in the Snow on BBC One and Life in Polar Bear Town and Tribes, Predators and Me on BBC Two whilst also announcing his UK theatre tour.

What really got Razzi excited was Gordon’s newest series called Into the Wild where he takes celebrities such as Alastair Campbell, Dermot O’Leary and Sara Cox amongst others up and close with Britain’s beautiful wildlife. Razzi is now expecting Gordon to turn up at Jammy Toast accompanied by Mena Suvari.

Keep your eyes peeled on your local TV listings, you just might see Razzi and co turning up on the latest wildlife programme soon.

Our new tagline is now: Jammy Toast – as seen on TV.

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  1. I know I skit Birkenvegas for its mong like individuals but I think even the bears would agree that this guy from NYC who may or may not sell the herb would make an excellent addition in Birkenhell :roflao:

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