Sunday Funnies #7

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Hiyaa Itss 12 o’clokk && Tymme 4 Holdd Yaa Plumms .. Inn Casee Yaa Forgott Diss Iss Daa Quizzz 4 Thickk Peeplee Whoo Havvntt Gott A Cluee .. Itt Ustaa Bee Onn Daa Radioo && Yaa Hdd 2 Answerr A Questionn Daa Billyy && Wallyy Askdd Yaa .. Iff Yaa Gott Itt Rytee Yaa Wentt Threww Too Daa Nxxt Rndd Wherr Yaa Spunn Daa Fruitt Machinne Too See Wott Yaa Wonn .. Yaa Hadd Too Gett Likee 3 Orangess Orr 3 Cherriess Too Winn .. Daa Topp Prizee Doo Wozz 3 Plumms .. Dee Hadd Nudgess Too Jsst Lykk Onn A Reall Fruitt Machinne Soo Iff Yaa Gott Twoo Plumms Yaa Saidd “Holdd Yaa Plumms” Thnn Yaa Nudgess Daa Otherr Fruitt .. Daa Funiestt Fingg Thoo Wozz Dee Werr All Fickk Soo Whnn Billy Askdd Daa Questionss Dee Nevaa Kneww Daa Answerr Soo Dee Ustaa Shoutt Owtt “Gizza A Cluee ,, Billy!!”

Iff Yaa Thinkk Scouserrs Onn Holdd Yaa Plumms Aree Thikk Imaginee Iff Dee Gott Ann Irishh Womann Onn Itt Lykk .. Soo Diss Womann Iss Daa Badd Daa Theyy Havv Too Givv Herr Ann Easierr Questionn Cozz Shee Justt Cuddntt Gett Itt Rytee Lykk .. Soo Dee Givee Herr Dee Easiestt Questionn Therr Hass Everr Beenn Onn A Quizz .. Wott Iss Hitler’s Firstt Namee ??

Soo Press Daa Playy Fingg Att Daa Topp && Yaa Cann Listenn Too Thss Weekss Holdd Yaa Plumms Butt Donnt Froww Yaa Phonee Owtt Daa Windoww Cozz Shee Puree Doess Yaa Headd Inn ..

Traa ,, See Yaa Nxtt Sundee 4 Summ Moree Sundayy Funniess xx

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I Am Andreaa And I Am Havin' A Boss Time Here Writing On Da Blog && That 'Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin' Too Old To Write && It's Doin' Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed Da Fukin' State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Can't Write Stories But He Bullies Me Yerno.. Fuck Me I Never Even Passed Mee GCSE English So Me Stories Are Usually Shite!!

16 Comments on “Sunday Funnies #7”

  1. Wee Havee Onlyy Gott Onee Morr Holdd Yaa Plumms Leftt Butt Thee Soundd Iss Rubbishh Soo We Will Havv Too findd Sumthinn Elsee Too Laff Att Nextt Week !!

  2. My husband made me a pearl necklace for Mother’s Day, how long am I supposed to lay here until it dries up and gets all pretty?

  3. If You Do Not want the Whole of Europe to use a Vote to Show you how much they Hate you, Do Not Use a Vote to Show the whole of Europe how much you Hate them.

    Eurovision voting Advice there.

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