The 2010 Bear Awards

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Welcome to the first, but hopefully not last, annual Bear Awards. We decided that if the Queen can have a New Year’s Honours List then we don’t see why we cannot have a New Year’s Bear List. The General Idea is to give some recognition to the people who have given us something during the last twelve months. They could have made us laugh, astonished us with facts, entertained us with a film – the scope of the Bear Awards is wide-ranging.

Bear Heroes #8

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A mural in his home city of Belfast will serve as a tribute to Alex Higgins.

From time to time, The Bears award the title of Hero of the Bears to someone who we think has had a big impact on others in any way whatsoever. They maybe someone famous known the world over or some unsung hero who does something for others without any reward for themselves. The one thing you do need to become a Hero of the Bears is you have to be someone very special!