The Angry Andreaa Show #28

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OMG it is proper shameful.. Davidd && Edward have been working on a Classic Toast thingy where they are putting all the old blog stories && that.. So the other day Davidd rang me to tell me that he had found some of me comments from when I first found the bear blog in 2008.. I was only about 13 or 14 and the comments were proper shameful.. Me && Lorah went on the Bear Blog one day to just chat shit because MSN wasnt working and so we could talk.. Davidd never minded coz he used to think we were funny. Next thing ya know half me school was on the Blog all chatting away.. If yas think I used to talk bad english when I started on here a couple of months ago then these were ten times worser..

I’m Back From Turkey

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Hiya Everyone && As Yas Can Probably Tell Am Back From Me Little Holiday To Turkeyy.. Don’t Ask Me If I Had A Good Time Or Owt Coz I Can’t Remember.. It Was Me Birthday While I Was Away So I Spent Most Of Me Hols Pissed.. Normally When I Go On Holiday I Drink Loads But Coz It Was Me Birthday I Was Even Worse Than Normal.. && Before Davidd Grasses On Me,, I Met This Lad Out There && I Ended Up Wiff A Big Spammy On Me Neck && He Even Give Me One On Me Face!! It Was That Bad It Ended Up All Bruised So Am Now Back Home Walkin Round Liverpool With A Big Bruise On Me Cheek.. I Wouldn’t Mind But The Lad Did It Right In Front Of Me Mum Who Thought It Was The Funniest Thing Ever!! She Was Pissing Herself Laughing At Him.. I Was Like Mum,, I’m Ya Little Princess Ya Meant To Protect Me From Lads..

Razzi Writes #66

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Hello everyone, Razzi here and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas time and enjoyed yourselves with everything you did. Here at Jammy Toast we have had a great time except that Granny decided we didn’t need a full turkey because they are so big that we usually throw much of it away after Christmas. We like to have the turkey for Christmas dinner, maybe a few butties thrown in later in the day and then Davidd will make a Special Fried Rice on Boxing Day and this year Auntie Diane wasn’t coming until today and she asked Granny to save her some because she wasn’t having turkey at her house. So all that turkey required and Granny decided she would only get a turkey crown. Then, when she opened it, it was about the size of Jon Pigeon’s chest cavity.

Jammy Toast Welcomes Andreaa Back

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A typical street in Kirkby, Liverpool. 1965.

Well now we have the big day out of the way, I thought I would come and share some news with you, dear reader. Starting in the New Year we will have a new contributor to Jammy Toast who will be posting stories about life, love and the eternal pursuit of happiness. The new contributor will be a young lady by the name of Andreaa. Now Andreaa is a little special around here because she was our very first friend back in the days when Ananasty and I first started blogging. The year was Anno Domini 2006 when we took our first faltering steps onto Blogger and Andreaa found us… and basically started bullying us. I mean, she was thirteen-years-old when all said and done. If you are asking yourself how a thirteen year old schoolgirl could possibly bully a fully grown man, then you have obviously never come across Andreaa.

Condolences To Andreaa

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The Bears and I would like to pass on our commiseration and condolences to Andreaa and her family after her Grandfather passed away yesterday. He died peacefully in hospital yesterday afternoon following a short illness. Although we never met her Granddad, Andreaa’s stories of him made us feel as though he was part of the family.

Congratulations Lisa

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On occasion time moves a little too fast for all of us. When I first started the Bear Blog nearly three years ago now, many of the people who came to read and subscribe where in school. For some reason The Bears seemed to catch the attention of people of school age, although we can’t understand why adults weren’t interested!!

Happy Birthday Andreaa

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Today, the little girl above has reached the ripe old age of fifteen. Our very own Bearkeeper Andreaa is getting a big girl and today The Bears would like to wish her a Very Happy Birthday. All The Bears will tell you, there has never been a sweeter, more even tempered, eloquently spoken Bearkeeper in the history of the Renault Bears. The way she deals with visitors to the blog with dignity, poise and enthusiasm is a shining example to all the little Bears.

We Are Getting There

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Just a quick post tonight, as me and Razzi have been working late and have not long got in. Thanks to everyone who has registered with the new Friends Of The Bears scheme but can you be patient with us. The whole registration process is now automatic so needs no help from us but there is no way for us to automatically add a link at the foot of the page to take readers to your profile, this has to be done manually by me. I will do them as soon as I get round to them but sometimes we are busy so please be patient.