Razzi Writes #66

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Hello everyone, Razzi here and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas time and enjoyed yourselves with everything you did. Here at Jammy Toast we have had a great time except that Granny decided we didn’t need a full turkey because they are so big that we usually throw much of it away after Christmas. We like to have the turkey for Christmas dinner, maybe a few butties thrown in later in the day and then Davidd will make a Special Fried Rice on Boxing Day and this year Auntie Diane wasn’t coming until today and she asked Granny to save her some because she wasn’t having turkey at her house. So all that turkey required and Granny decided she would only get a turkey crown. Then, when she opened it, it was about the size of Jon Pigeon’s chest cavity.

Jammy Toast Welcomes Andreaa

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A typical street in Kirkby, Liverpool. 1965.

Well now we have the big day out of the way, I thought I would come and share some news with you, dear reader. Starting in the New Year we will have a new contributor to Jammy Toast who will be posting stories about life, love and the eternal pursuit of happiness. The new contributor will be a young lady by the name of Andreaa. Now Andreaa is a little special around here because she was our very first friend back in the days when Ananasty and I first started blogging. The year was Anno Domini 2006 when we took our first faltering steps onto Blogger and Andreaa found us… and basically started bullying us. I mean, she was thirteen-years-old when all said and done. If you are asking yourself how a thirteen year old schoolgirl could possibly bully a fully grown man, then you have obviously never come across Andreaa.