The Dog Rescuers

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Anthony Joynes doing a great job, but do we have to make Birkenhead look so bad.

Here at Jammy Toast we love the telly programme The Dog Rescuers and really admire all the inspectors who go about the task of saving dogs from cruelty and neglect. However, there is one inspector we are growing weary of. His name is Anthony Joynes and he does appear to be a favourite on the show because he is on it most weeks. However, we are fed up of seeing him. Why is this, I hear you all ask? The answer to that is simple; it is because he covers the Wirral and you can always see him either saving an animal from horrific conditions or standing outside Wirral Magistrate’s Court. So why do we hate him for that, surely he is just doing his job? Yes he is, but what must the rest of the country think about Birkenhead and the Wirral when they see how busy he appears to be.