Jammy Toast Makes Front Page News

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Some of you may have noticed from yesterday’s post that Davidd was awarded an OBE *cough* in the New Year’s Honours list. Well, we are not normally readers of the Daily Star but this morning when we went for our regular newspaper we couldn’t believe our eyes. There gazing back at us from the Star’s front page was our very own Davidd Bearkeeper OBE. He has only gone and made front page news – and not for the reasons we would have originally thought. We were astonished. So-much-so that we thought we would reproduce it for you here…

Where Is Edward?

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Some of you may have noticed that we haven’t heard much from Edward lately. He hasn’t written anything for his column for some time and there has been nothing much new in the way of innovation around Jammy Toast. “Has he left home?” I was asked last night. Well, to put everyone out of their misery, he has started wading through all our old posts going back to 2006 when we first started a blog off with a view to starting up an archive of old posts.

Just An Idea

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Edward came to us with an idea today. He maintains that some people have been missing the archive posts from Jammy Toast of old. As most of you will know, we started blogging back in 2006 making this year our tenth anniversary. Edward says we should restore all the old posts (which he has safely backed up) to Jammy Toast for people to read and celebrate. We originally started on “The Queen’s Blog” before moving to our own “Renault Bears” blog and then creating “Jammy Toast”. We do have all the old posts from all the old blogs safely stored away. Does anyone fancy we restore them so you can read them?