BearTube Update

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Those of you who have been following Jammy Toast for any time will remember that on the old Jammy Toast we used to have Musical Sundays. We have continued this tradition by having our Bear Music days but there were over two hundred videos which were featured on the old Musical Sundays which have now gone. So today, thanks to the phenomenal technical skills of Edward, we have brought back all those missing videos. If you click on the Media menu above and then click on Bear Music you will be taken to the Bear Music page as you would expect. However, if you scroll down below the Bear Music you will find all the old BearTube videos for you to enjoy.

Edward’s Column #13

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Hello everyone and welcome to my monthly technology column. A couple of years ago everything was happy in the land of online video – Flash ruled the waves. Flash video would play on just about every device out there so running a website that contained videos was easy. You just converted all your videos to Flash and everyone could watch them through your website. Nearly every computer had the Adobe Flash Player installed. Then Apple decided they were not going to allow flash onto their mobile devices and everything was thrown up into the disarray.

Two Birds In One Post

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Today we are going to attempt to kill two birds with one post. The first bird is to pay tribute to former Hawkwind Guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton, who died earlier this month. The second is a little bear by the name of Edward who has been working on a new project behind the scenes; namely cross-platform video. For some time now we have been trying to find a video solution to allow everyone who visits Jammy Toast to view our BearTube videos, no matter which device they are using. Up until now, it has only been possible for people using a PC or certain tablets/smart phones. Edward has now installed a new video system which works on mobile devices – even smart phones, with a Flash fall-back available for those on systems or using browsers which do not support the mobile formats.

The Bears vs YouTube

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As many of our long term readers will know, we have been having a battle with YouTube for some time. We joined the video sharing site before it was purchased by Google and all was honky dory. Then Google purchased the site and every copyright holder on the planet threatened legal action if they didn’t remove any music containing a copyright claim. All the videos we made and posted to YouTube were our own but with commercial music used as overlays. Copyright holders didn’t like that.

BearTube #1

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Edward Bear has been very quiet lately in the corner on a spare computer at the MEFFS HQ. Tonight I went over and asked him what he was working on, this was Edward I knew he wouldn’t be playing. He showed me his little creation which I think is rather good. That good in fact, we decided to start our own little phenomenon. You have heard of YouTube — well here is BearTube. See what you think.