Our Granny #8

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As many of you will be aware, here at Jammy Toast our Granny is getting more and more erratic in her behaviour these days. She gets more and more forgetful and befuddled in her actions as the days and weeks go by. We know it is her age but it is getting to be a big concern, as she gets more confused and keeps getting things wrong. A typical recent example was when she had just put the milk bottles out. She could not find the front door key anywhere but it was discovered the next morning by the milkman – she had put the key out with the milk. This is just a recent example, there are many more.

Picture Of The Day #71

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We haven’t had a picture of the day for a little while but when we came across this picture we couldn’t help but share it. The picture itself is not that remarkable but the story it tells is a little more thought-provoking. The refuse is collected from Jammy Toast by refuse-collectors who come and wheel our wheelie bins to their lorry. It is then lifted into the lorry by a hydraulic lift which then returns the empty wheelie bin for the operator to return it to the end of the drive. Not so back in the day when “binmen” walked up the alley behind your house, lifted a metal bin up onto their shoulders and carried it around to the lorry where they had to hoist it into the bin lorry themselves. I guess they don’t make “binmen” like they used to…