Bear Tries To Move In

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An American managed to catch the moment a confused looking black bear poked his head through the cat flap of his home. Doug Harder, who lives near the Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho, noticed the sneaky animal paying him a surprise visit. The bear looked wide-eyed yet harmless as it scoped his new surroundings. Furthermore, this wasn’t the first time Doug had been met with one of his bear friends.

Bears Hold Secret To Space Travel

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It’s one small step for bears but it could be a giant leap for mankind. A new study has revealed how the fury mammals manage to stop their bones from wasting away during long winter hibernations. Furthermore, scientists now believe this means bears may hold the key to long-distance space travel. Biologists reckon their discovery could one day enable humans to visit some of the furthest planets in our solar system. Space explorers are currently hamstrung by the negative effects weightlessness has on the human body.